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OnePlus 6 Detailed Review & Specifications

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Smartphone manufacturing company OnePlus has launched its new smarphone OnePlus 6 on 17th May in India.Sale of this smartphone has started on Amazon from 21th May.Back in last year November company had released OnePlus 5T and then OnePlus 5 and they both became the massive successor for the company.And for now,company had released their new flagship smartphone OnePlus 6 with new processor,new type of screen,new features,a few tweaks and improvements.With all these changes,it also doesn't disappointed the company and made many selling reccords
Company has also took care of people budgets and OnePlus 6 doesn't cost more than the previous release.The company kept the price of base variant which comes with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage Rs.34,999 and the higher base variant which comes with 8GB of RAM and 128GB storage Rs.39,999.

OnePlus 6 Design-

OnePlus has already proved its design and manufacturing skills in their previous released smartphones.The OnePlus 6 comes with rear glass panel and three distinct version of smartphones.The most common will be the Mirror Black Finish,which would be even also your choice if you pick the based variant priced Rs.34,999 configuration.The Oneplus 6 is a slick and has a high sheen.It is little bit slippery and reflective.

The midnight black colour variant doesn't look like the glass at first. OnePlus calls the finish "corroded", and that's pretty accurate.If you have OnePlus 6 in your hand,you want it to stay there. You can see a refracted pattern in the glass when you hold it up in lights.The glass back has a soft and smooth texture which OnePlus claimed achieved by actual pearl dust.

For protection,the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 are used on the both rear and front on all variants.

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The first thing you should notice on this phone is Notch available in upfront of the smartphone.The screen is supposed to be bezel-less,but instead there is bezel in the side and are noticeable because of the upfront look.

The camera module in the back which was in the side in previous release had now in the center again.Unlikely,because of two cameras vertically placed,the fingerprint sensor got bit low.While reviewing the phone,we found very hard to reach on all corners of the phone by using single hand.While OnePlus doesn't use the term "water-resistant" so you have to protect your phone from coming in contact of water.The overall construction quality is good.

OnePlus 6 Specifications & Software

Because of the notch and "ears" like bezel,its screen measures 6.28 inches diagonally bit longer than OnePlus 5T whose measure is 6.1 inches.There is also a display setting to mask the notch.While reviewing the phone,we haven't faced any problems with full-screen app.The resolution of the screen is 1080 pixels by 2280 pixels which makes the display quality more sharper.

As I have already mentioned earlier,the OnePlus 6 is available in two 6GB RAM and 64GB storage priced Rs.34,999 variants,or 8GB of RAM and 128GB of Storage priced Rs.39,999.

The OnePlus 6 supports Nano-SIM in both slots.But unfortunately,it doesn't give you the option to expand its storage by microSD card.It supports dual standby for VoLTE using two SIM's,which is slightly disappointing.

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OxygenOS is the huge differentiator for OnePlus.The OnePlus 6 runs on Android 8.1,and we received an OTA update during our review period. OxygenOS is nearly identical to stock Android on the surface but has a number of useful additions such as a dark theme,shortcuts and a scrolling screenshot capture tool.There's lot to discover within Setting App,including controls for giving the on-screen buttons additional functions,night and reading modes,a choice of system fonts,and a configureable colours for the notifications LED.

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The OnePlus has one of the interesting feature is an optional gesture than lets you get rid of Android navigations buttons altogether.A short swipe-up from the bottom center of the display takes you to the Home Screen from within any app,and continuing swipe upwards take you to the App Switcher.And to go back,you just need to swipe upwards on either side of the screen.

There is also a Gaming Mode that not only helps you to get rid of non-essential notifications,but can also limit background app Internet usage,which can make a big difference in online games.

The OnePlus 6 supports Face Unlock,but it works very quickly sometimes.Addition to this,recognition fails in low lights and in bright sunlight.

OnePlus 6 Performance & Battery Life

I don't think other than gaming,any other thing can stress Snapdragon 845 processor.As AR and VR apps are not mainstream yet,and heavy content creation tasks are not suited to smartphones anyway.While reviewing the OnePlus 6,we found the OnePlus 6 an extra-ordinary phones in terms of performance.We never had a pause to load the app.It stands on our expectations very well.It is surprising that apps are ready to used even after lying unused for a full day.Most people would be satisfy with the performance of OnePlus 6 and for its capability.

We spent quite a lot of time running some of  today's powerful game,PUBG is one of the popular,and it performs very well.The Graphics Quality is also very good and sharp.

The AMOLED screen makes the viewing experience of different class.The AMOLED screen is vivid,with punchy colours and great viewing angles.Videos looks great,though the Default screen calibration mode seems to be deliberately oversaturated.

The OnePlus 6 battery life was good when we used the phone normally,which involved day-to-day use including few hours of gaming and streaming videos.We got through the day with 20 percent battery left in the hand which means we don't got anxious about battery life.One big annoying thing we observed was there is no way to see battery life in status bar until you swipe down to see it in Quick Settings Panel.The huge Dash Charger took the battery 0 to just above 50 percent in half an hour,and makes the phone complete charge in around an hour and half.

OnePlus 6 Cameras

The OnePlus company boasted OnePlus 6 with several improvements in cameras.Most importantly,the primary 16-megapixel rear sensor gets optical image stabilisation.The company claimed that the rear sensor is supposed to be 19 percent physically larger,allowing for more lights to be captured,which should mean sharper shots.The 20 megapixel secondary is supposed to be used in low lights for depth effects.Most of the pictures we captured are well and Oneplus 6 stood really very good as far as cameras are concerned.

The OnePlus 6 camera does very well also in dim lights.We took some pictures on the street under dim lights.The captured shots had lot of colours and details,where mostly other phones produced noisy grey blotches under low lights.

The front cameras are ordinary.You will be happy enough with the results to share your captured selfies online.It has Beautification mode that makes your captured selfies more attractive by putting filters in it.Except that,the camera app doesn't have any other filters,stickers or effects,which may disappoint many people.There is a pro mode with manual controls and a live histogram.

Final Verdict

OnePlus 6 offers huge amount of features where other brands seems out of touch at this price.On the biggest suprise by the company is OnePlus 6 is the marginally expensive to the previous release of the company despite the new screen,SoC and a new glossy body.It is a good package with a good camera,latest processor,and a new glossy body,the performace of the phone is also very well.You can proudly showoff this phone coz the design of the phone is also very good.

Coming at the price of 34,999 black variant with 6GB RAM and 64GB internal storage,it gives you all you can expect from a phone at this price.If you are looking to buy a quality phone OnePlus 6 can be a good option for you.

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