Friday, 11 May 2018

Future of Wear OS seems tenebrous but Google is not giving up yet

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I have been a childhood fan of smartwatches ever since they came in existence.
         I remember my Moto 360 2nd generation which was surprisingly good,but though not stable.Instead of improving it,the following updates ended up killing it.
  But its now 2018 and the google company has announced Wear OS Developer 2 on 10th May 2018 with a focus on battery life and ensuring that will bring the better experience to the watch with the Google Assistant.
Improved Battery Saving and Enhanced Battery Saver Mode
One of the most common and biggest issue smartwatches have,is the battery life.Google has said in its presentation that smart watches only offer about 10% of battery life as compare to smart phones.
   In the new updates google has promised better experience in terms of battery life.
   Certain apps like Health and Fitness usually monitor the user's movement and other activities through the day.Developers are now being told that they can't perform background monitoring,so,there will be less pressure on processor.
There is also an 'Enhanced Battery Saver' mode where the touch screen,tilt-to-wake gestures and the radios are all turned off.It means all that you will be able to do is check the time.Users can enable the feature by pressing the side button and can resume normal activity on a smartwatch with a long press.It looks like Google has taken good step forward.
Google Assistant and Actions
The update also bring improvements to Google Assistant.You will now get better search results including visual cards,when you open the Assistant for a query.It will also offer follow up questions.Like if you ask about the weather "how is the weather today" the answer will come up with following questions like "how weather will be tomorrow","how will be weather this week".
Where is the update ?
There is no official update at the moment,Google has just released a Developer Preview which is currently only available for the Huawei Watch 2.
    We already know that LG is preparing a new smartwatch which has already passed through FCC.It could be one of the first devices to run on the new Wear OS update,whenever google plans to release it.For now you have to wait for this.
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