Friday, 20 April 2018

Softwares That Will Make Video Editing Easy

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Are you looking for any video editing software for your Windows Operating System by which you can easily compress,edit and convert your video? If your answer is Yes then the information given here can be useful for you.Today I am going to tell you some marvelous softwares by which you can easily compress,convert your big video files.Here is three best softwares you can use for free for video editing-


This app is very popular among Windows as well as Mac Operating System user.With the help of this app you can convert your videos almost very format.Not only for video convert it also helps in compress the video.You can convert 1 GB file up to 50 MB.You don't get paid for anything in this app.You can download it for free.
Interesting Features-
•softwares are free and open source
•you can convert your video in every format
•big video files can be converted
•no alleviation in video quality even after compressed

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Wondershare Video Converter

This app is also very popular among PC users.Not only for compress it also comes in use for video editing.With the help of this any video can be converted in 'VR' format or 'gif' format.
Interesting Features-
supports 1000+ formats
•it convert videos 30x faster
•supports VR Format
•video can be converted in 'Gif' format

FreeMake Video Converter

This app gets very positive response from PC users.Video can be easily converted and compressed by this app.This app also doesn't alleviate video quality in compressing the video.
Interesting Features-
500+ video convert formats
•extracts audio from YouTube
•cut,crop,join,merge and rotate features are available

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